GDX 2010 comes to an end :(


GDX 2010 comes to an end :(

Savannah yearly gaming event is now over, and it was a lot of fun! This was the first year I could attend the Game developpers Exchange and I found it to be a very interesting experience. Lots of high-profile attendees gave very inspiring talks, and some among the major players on the market were represented (Blizzard Entertainment, EA Games, Kaos Studios, Big Huge Games, and of course, Electrotank).

One talk I followed with a particular attention was Tony Tseng’s presentation on “Rediscover Gaming in Augmented Reality”; not only because it had some bridges with my own presentation, but also because I’m really interested on how brilliant Game Designers and Developpers can bend emerging technologies and turn them into “fun machines” dedicated to gaming.

Virtual Worlds, real design challenges…

I was giving the closing talk, in the Gutstein Gallery, and I think it went well, specially for the first talk I was ever giving in English 🙂
The presentation aimed at presenting a quick and sober overview on where Gaming Worlds are going, what design trends they revolve around and introducing some of the prospective technologies and processes that will help make these worlds a bigger part of players’ everyday life. All of this in a 40 minutes talk, so it really had to be “short’n’sweet”.

The full presentation can be downloaded here:
Keep in mind that most of these slides, although quite wordy (to be able to “stand alone” for those that couldn’t attend the conference) are really meant to be talking points and visual support. They might be missing some information, or transitions meant to be communicated “live” to the audience 🙂 oh well, better than nothing, right?…

I want to thank SCAD students for their curiosity, their interest, and their tolerance for putting up with my accent, and my “heuuus…” 😉 – Go create some games, guys!

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