2010 games and related works.


2010 games and related works.


This being the last day of 2010, it’s the right time to look back at the year behind, and set the expectations for 2011 🙂

2010 has been an interesting, and quite frantic year. I left my job as an Art Studio Supervisor at Electrotank – I went full-time as an Independent Game Developer for a few months – and ultimately re-integrated my previous-previous job, as a Senior Art Director, in my former company, BFG Communications.

Aside from the career switches, which were motivated by various reasons, I’m rather happy to have output more games this year than I ever did before. So let’s look back at what was worked upon this year:

K-Million (released) – February

K-Million was a quick, and very pleasant, project with the coder from Alilm. It’s a very fun, family friendly puzzle/shooter that can be played here and covered by a few posts in this very blog here.

Top Tank (unreleased) – March

Top Tank is a re-skin of an existing multiplayer game, from Electrotank. To my knowledge, it is still unreleased to the public – but has been shown at various conferences to illustrate the capacities of Electroserver. The re-skin includes, of course, new graphics, but also a few new gameplay elements.

Game Developers Exchange 2010 – conference – April

I had the pleasure to be invited to give a talk at Savannah’s Annual Game developers conference. I talked about some of the design challenges (and solutions) one can run into while designing Virtual Worlds. This was a very exciting experience, and I hope I’ll get more occasions to speak publicly, about games, in the future. This talk was covered by this post on my blog.

The Indie Plan – Mai/June

At this point, I was still full-time employed, but really wanted to push my activity as an independent. Various opportunity were rising, and I was really committed to give them a shot. This wasn’t necessarily my most successful period, but hey, I’m glad I tried 🙂

One highlight for this “research” on how to successfully transition to a full time independent artist was the presentation given to the Mochi fund – selling my long-time project “Two Kingdoms Heroes” as a Social-Network friendly RPG, backed by rather solid business opportunities. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t raised enough interest from Mochi for them to commit to the game, and this project evolved into “Knight’s Quest”.

Ragged Edge (Released) – July/November

Ragged Edge is a futuristic space racing game, developed with French Company DK-Games. It runs on the new Samsung Mobile OS, Bada. The game was developed for the Bada Developer Challenge, where our game ended up in the top 10 of it’s category, but failed making it into the top 3 (where the real meat of the rewards was). Regardless of the competition, the game was a very fun project to work on, particularly because it was the first time I was making 3D assets. We will continue developing the game in 2011, possibly on new platforms.

Elysium / Old World (unreleased) – September

Elysium is an undisclosed project for Electrotank. Parts of it have been released to the public as “Old World”, through Jobe Makar’s latest book.
It’s a massive project, and one of my favorite when I was working at Electrotank. I did various maps and UI elements.

Knight’s Quest (Released) – July/November

Knight’s Quest is a social RPG, designed for Facebook. It was originally based on Two Kingdoms Heroes.
The game ultimately strayed away from the original design, to a point where I didn’t felt comfortable continuing using the original Two Kingdoms Heroes assets anymore.

However, at release, the game, at the exception of the second optional dungeon, is completely based on the assets I created.


with 5 games made during 2010 (not counting the “big one” that I cannot talk about, due to Non-disclosure agreement) including 3 released ones, my “game-making” goals for 2011 are rather obvious: I’d like to release more games this coming year. I’d like to collaborate with more talented coders, and take on maybe smaller projects, that can be finished in a timely fashion.

As far as larger, on-going project go, I intend to create more tracks, universes and ships for Ragged Edge. I’m also looking forward to get over the somewhat disappointing experience with Knight’s Quest by working on the Facebook RPG Two Kingdoms Heroes was meant to be.

I’m also committed at updating this blog more often, with more “work in progress” posts, and maybe more articles on other people’s projects…

Well, these are good intentions, for sure – with a rather demanding full-time job, it’s going to be a challenge to keep (and improve on ) last year’s pace. Stay tuned, the 2011 posts will for sure be a hint whether my good resolutions were achieved…or not 🙂

Happy New Year!

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