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Lost Outpost – sneak peek #3

UI WORK Planning the User Interface For Outpost 2, as I usually do for any other game or website, I start the UI work by sketches, as it is a quick way to solidify the vision and “proof-test” it early. While I try to avoid boxing myself early, as actually designing the product always trigger […]


Lost Outpost – sneak peek #2

THE SPLASH ANIMATION Giving context to the game… One thing that we really tried to get right with Outpost: Haven and Outpost: Swarm was the landing page (or what I often refer to as “Splash Anim”) – technically, it’s the first impression the player gets from the game, right after the loading screen (and in […]


Lost Outpost – sneak peek #1

In Outpost: Haven, some players complained that the Weapons and Inventory systems, actionable through the various terminals disseminated throughout the space station, were cumbersome to use. We are correcting this in Outpost 2 – This time, players will enjoy a fully functional inventory, not only to equip their weapons, and tactical extensions, but also to […]


Outpost: Haven – post mortem

Outpost: Haven marks the third collaboration with coder Squize, from Gaming Your Way. While I don’t remember the full genesis of the project, I’m pretty sure we talked about it while we were working together on Ionic – I believe Squize had his mind on a remake of the Amiga hit, Alien Breed, and I […]


Knight’s Quest Post-Mortem

Genesis Knight’s Quest is an action-RPG, released in late February 2011 on Facebook. It mixes Hack’n’Slash mechanics (think Diablo) with a social layer as for a lot of those “social Facebook Games“. The particularity of Knight’s Quest is that it aims at a slightly different demographic, targeting the more “hardcore” players, the nostalgics of dungeon-crawling, […]


2010 games and related works.

2010 This being the last day of 2010, it’s the right time to look back at the year behind, and set the expectations for 2011 🙂 2010 has been an interesting, and quite frantic year. I left my job as an Art Studio Supervisor at Electrotank – I went full-time as an Independent Game Developer […]


Elysium…a slice of (online) heaven

Elysium is a concept project that has been created to feature various strengths of Electrotank Universe Plateform (EUP), an integrated package providing turn-key solutions for Virtual Worlds. Some elements of Elysium were also provided as part of a start package, with the excellent Jobe Makar’s book “ActionScript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds“. This book […]


Post Mortem: The Curse of Sylvaniah

The Curse of Sylvaniah is a Action/Platform game that I worked on, in collaboration with Mattias Stridsman, aka Strille. It was released in November 2004 and was an instant success across multiple portals: within a few weeks, the game served nearly 15 million players, and even got covered by a Spanish Game TV program. The […]


the Frantic Adventures of K-Million

K-million is a super-spastic Flash game, coming soon to your browsers, made in collaboration with Alister “Alilm” Maunder. Alilm, a while ago, coded a frantic game, called Combo X-999, and wanted to revisit it, with “custom” graphics, and gameplay adjustements. Combo X999 is a strange game, some sort of a cross-over between a BeJeweled, Space […]


Post-mortem: Two Kingdoms

Two Kingdom is a Flash RPG/Action game (including animated cut scenes) I started in 2001, and finished in 2003. It was my first game, and the task was quite daunting, as RPGs usually imply a large world, lots of items, a strong storyline, enemies to beat up, tons and tons of lines of code, etc. […]


IONIC, Pixels in spaaaaace!

Ionic is an upcoming Flash game, made in collaboration with my good friends @Gaming Your Way, scheduled to hit your monitors in a few weeks at most. The game is a Tower Defense type of game, that visually pays homage to the “classic” horizontal-scrolling shooters, like R-Type, Lifeforce, Scramble or Gradius. I arrived on the […]