Garage Collective LLC is a small independant studio funded in 2013, operating in the lovely southern town of Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Originally specialized in browser-based and Mobile games, Garage Collective has since then turned to the production of VR games mostly on the Meta Quest devices.


2025 - [WIP] DRAKKENRIDGE is an upcoming VR RPG/Adventure game built for the Quest 2 and 3. It includes 6 different "biomes" and more than 10 dungeons to explore, and many enemies to battle. Combat will be centered around magic casting and physics-based fighting.

2023 - DARK & UNDER II is a Free 1bit dungeon crawler designed for handheld arduino-based systems. It also includes an adventure book, part strategy guide, part Choose your own path interactive adventure, sending you on a mysterious mission.

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2022 - SHOCK TROOPS is a hi-octane first person shooter for the Oculus Quest Players blast their way through 20 sprawling sci-fi levels ranging from space stations, frozen worlds or alien planets in a mission to save the world from an unknown threat.

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2021 - STONES OF HARLATH is a VR first person adventure game on the Oculus Quest. Players play as a powerful battle mage, explore a mysterious island, adventure in many dungeons, wield swords & shields and cast powerful magic by drawing runes with their controller.

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2018 - THETA LEGION VR is a VR first person shooter that shipped as a free game on the Oculus Go and was later ported on the Oculus RiftS. The Go version totalled more than 7000 installs and the game was lauded by players and critics alike.

2017 - DARK & UNDER is a Free 1bit retro dungeon crawler made for the Arduino-based handhelds. It includes 4 increasingly large dungeons to explore and loot!

2013 - LOST OUTPOST and the other two games of the Outpost Trilogy are browser-based survival shooters. The trilogy gathered more than 17 million players on sites like Newgrounds.

2011 - RAGGED EDGE was a futuristic racing game build for the Samsung phones running the BADA OS. It was selected as part of the top 10 entries by Samsung during the Bada/Wave development competition.

2010 - KNIGHT'S QUEST Knight’s Quest was a Facebook role-playing game. Players get to customize a character, build and manage a village and venture into dark and gloomy dungeons. All the dungeons are procedurally generated, to insure that no two adventures are the same.

2006 - BARBARIAN Barbarian was the remake of 1987 Hit, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior from Palace Software. Built as an homage, the game featured updated graphics while staying extremely faithful to the original gameplay.

2004 - CURSE OF SYLVANIAH The Curse of Sylvaniah was one of the first Flash games to use the concept of superTiles and to integrate a physics engine. It gained immediate popularity at release, counting over 15 million unique players in the first months.

2002 - TWO KINGDOMS Two Kingdoms was at the time one of the most ambitious Flash game, and one of the first to be selected for the IGF 2003. It included animated cutscenes, 8 different biomes, over 50 maps, more than 10 enemies types and several story-driven quests.


Headed by Cyril Guichard as a Creative Lead, Garage Collective is a small but tightly knit team.

Music+Sound Effects

Mateusz Gojski

Music composer & producer, storyteller with
a love for ambient music.


Cyril Guichard

Pixel Artist, Low poly modeler, fan of everything Fantasy &Sci-Fi.Professor in a US University.


Simeon Acker

Coder, designer, musician and
Byzantine music instructor.


DRAKKENRIDGE03/11/2024 Our next VR RPG is officially announced. Watch the video

DARK & UNDER II12/23/2023 Dark & Under II is released. You can play it and purchase the book at this link

SHOCK TROOPS07/28/2022 Shock Troops is live on Meta Quest Store, you can purchase it at this link

SHOCK TROOPS09/09/2022 Shock Troops Trailer is revealed. Check it out at this link

SHOCK TROOPS09/21/2021 Shock Troops is officially announced. Check some of the coverage at this link

STONES OF HARLATH06/04/2021 Stones of Harlath is live on Meta Quest Store, you can purchase it at this link

WEBSITE LIVE05/22/2021 Garage Collective has a new home!

STONES OF HARLATH05/21/2021 Our trailer is officially revealed, check it in 4K at this link

STONES OF HARLATH12/20/2019 Work starts on Stones of Harlath, a VR RPG with a classic feel

THETA LEGION12/05/2019 Theta Legion VR ships on the Oculus RiftS

CHEERS ATLANTA11/18/2019 DreamHack was a success! Check our booth in this video! and watch the interview here!

READY TO SHOW11/03/2019 Ready for Atlanta Dreamhack, Nov 15 to 17th. Meet us at booth I-19 and try the game!

THETA LEGION12/08/2018 Theta Legion VR ships on the Oculus Go